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COVID-19 crisis

The situation we face now is unprecedented in modern times. Almost overnight, everything changed. Schools are closed. Businesses are shuttered. Everyone is to practice social distancing and stay at home.

But not every household has what it needs to get by.

For many families in our community, the COVID-19 crisis has brought tremendous hardship. People have been laid off from their jobs. Those with pre-existing health conditions fear going outside for groceries. School closures mean many kids are missing out on the nutritious breakfasts and snacks they depend on each day.

But in these times of hardship, we also have an opportunity to come together. We can ensure nobody in our community has to go hungry because of COVID-19.

Already, Ottawa Food Bank supporters have helped during this emergency.

You helped deliver healthy fresh food to Debby, who is self-isolating due to severe lung cancer. You made sure Mark and his family, refugees living in a local hotel, had the food and baby supplies needed to stay healthy and clean. And you helped feed Mila, a student laid off from her part-time restaurant job after the province increased protective measures.

But there is so much more we can do, together.

Grocery shelves are still bare from people stocking up. And food donations have dwindled to all but nothing, so we must purchase more food to keep our neighbours from going hungry.

Families on limited income can’t stock up – and now, with trips out of the house limited, they’re having a harder time than ever getting what they need to feed their household.

With your help, we’re working hard to continue to support those in need.

The Ottawa Food Bank is packing thousands of emergency hampers with food and recipes. We’re distributing additional food to community food banks. And we’re ordering food to ensure we can provide as many meals as possible in the weeks to come. But we can only do this through your support.