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Mia’s Story

You never know what your neighbour is going through. Just ask Mia.

Recently divorced, the child support payments her husband was responsible for simply weren’t coming. All of a sudden Mia was not only a single mother of three children, but also totally on her own financially.

She didn’t know how she’d be able to feed her family.

Mia dedicated herself to job searching, determined to get back on her feet and give her kids the life she wanted for them. In the meantime, she reached out to the Ottawa Food Bank for help.

You made sure Mia had somewhere to turn.

Her kids loved the fresh fruit and veggies the family received – a welcome break from the boxes and cans that had become staples in the household due to her tight budget. For Mia, knowing she would be able to feed her children fresh vitamin-rich food was a huge relief that allowed her to keep pushing forward in her job search.

Today, Mia has a job that covers her family’s expenses. While she no longer relies on the Ottawa Food Bank, she remains grateful for the vital assistance she received.

“I appreciate all the help from the people. Thank you very much. I didn’t expect so many things!”

Other families like Mia’s are still counting on your support today. They need the reassurance of knowing there is a healthy next meal, and that there will be enough food for everyone to share.

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